Tips For Sellers

This Is How We Work:


90 Day Listing Agreement
We are very flexible when it comes to time. Because we don’t believe that you should be locked to a contract for a very long time unless there is a specific need, our listing agreements are done in 90-180 days intervals.


Strategic Pricing
We all know that the right price is the key to the sell of your home so why not price right from the beginning. To support our pricing opinion we provide you with comparable market analysis reinforced by the presentation of relevant data. Ultimately, your opinion matters most so we list your property at the price comfortable to you.


Getting Picture Ready
First impression matters and nowadays this statement is even more true to the online presence. Great photography draws potential buyers into listings and encourages them to look forward. Over 90% of home buyers start their search online, this is why we put a lot of emphasis on your web presence. Simply said if you are not looking good online, chances are no one will want to see your home offline. We will work with you to make your home picture ready so when we are done you ensure your house puts its best foot forward.


Your Marketing Team
Every house has a story that should be told in such a fashion that it draws in those that are looking for a home. Allow our team to craft the unique story your home offers and reveal the experience through online and offline presence.


Staying in Touch
Once your house is listed we monitor online and offline traffic. We ask for feedback from agents and prospective buyers. We also keep an eye on the competition in your neighborhood because we want your property to be the most desirable of all. Ongoing research and feedbacks allow us to have an easy communication with you and after all, we are not so easy to get rid off.

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